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Advocacy Opportunities


Get ready to VOTE on November 2, 2021!

Be aware of these important Colorado deadlines:

  • October 8: Ballots begin mailing to active voters
  • October 25: Online voter registration deadline to receive a mail ballot
  • November 2: In person voter registration deadline (you can register in person through Election Day) 

 Do your part- check your registration status and make your commitment to vote here! 

 Take advantage of opportunities to hear from the candidates themselves and ask them your questions! They need to hear from DSST!

Register to vote and MEET the candidates for School Board at the following events:

Thursday, October 7

6:00 - 7:30pm

DSST: Elevate Northeast HS

10825 E. 47th Ave, Denver

RSVP here

Tuesday, October 12

6:30 - 8:00pm

GALS High School

750 Galapago St, Denver

RSVP here to attend in-person

RSVP here to attend virtually

Wednesday, October 20

5:30- 7:00pm

DSST: College View HS

3111 W Dartmouth Ave, Denver

RSVP here


All students who are 16 years old and older CAN REGISTER TO VOTE!  Register to vote here.    

If you will be 18 years old this year on November 2nd, YOU CAN VOTE IN THIS ELECTION! Stay tuned to the Education Advocates newsletter for all information about how to be an informed voter and make sure your vote counts.  


Learn all about the DPS School Board

Click here to learn all about the Denver School Board and sign up for Stand for Children's monthly newsletter "This Month at the DPS Board,"  sharing information about the Denver Public Schools (DPS) Board of Education.  


Colorado Charter Advocacy Network

Are you interested in advocating on behalf of Charter Schools in Colorado? The CO CAN advocacy network is constantly pushing to change public education for the better. By signing up for the CO CAN advocacy group you will: 

  • Stay informed about pressing legislative issues impacting Colorado Charter Public Schools 
  • Receive simple, concrete steps to contact elected officials to help charter public schools and its students 
  • Receive tools and messaging to counteract charter public schools myths and misinformation

To learn more about the Colorado Charter Advocacy Network or to sign up for the CO CAN advocacy group click here.


Action Alerts for Important Policy and Legislative Updates

Click here for the Colorado Children's Campaign Action Alert Center. In our efforts to advocate for children throughout the state of Colorado, we manage on-going campaigns to build public awareness and support for specific policy priorities